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Our knowledgeable experts will determine the repair costs and options for your Mac, PC or Linux system by performing a few simple tests.

Your desktop, laptop, server or device is in safe hands with EmmaTech. Our knowledgeable experts will determine the repair costs and options for your Mac, PC or Linux system by performing a few simple tests.

Our computer solutions span from personal home computer repairs to corporate networked computer repairs. If alternate solutions are more viable, we will make sure that you are given the alternate options as well.

We provide complete range of parts and peripherals repair and upgrade services. Custom solutions based on your identified immediate and future computing needs helps grow your productivity and ensures future growth and adaptability.

From repairing a wireless network, backing up multiple computers to the same device to setting up an entire corporate network with multiple servers, EmmaTech can help.

If you need an internet connection or connectivity between your branch offices, we can help. We optimize network configurations to meet your needs. We are experienced with Cisco router configuration, T1, DSL, Cable, ISDN, RAS, and PPTP/VPN connectivity.

We specialize in Microsoft Solutions (using Microsoft BackOffice Solutions). Our expertise include: NT Server, Server Clusters, Windows Server, RAID arrays, UPS Configuration, Load Balancing, Exchange, SQL, SMS 2.0, DNS, WINS, DHCP, Small Business Server, Terminal Server with Web Access, Citrix Server, IIS, SQL, RightFax, NT Domain and Active Directory Planning and Design, Backup Solutions utilizing products from Seagate, CA, and UltraBac, and applications such as Visual Basic and Access.

From network repairs to scalable network engineering, we offer complete networking solutions to your home, home office, small business or corporate entity.

We offer comprehensive solutions for all your corporate needs from company-wide systems setup/upgrade, support contracts, security, server infrastructure to IT consulting, email management, system engineering/architecture and on-site repairs.

Implement your system needs. We design and integrate systems for companies large and small. EmmaTech will have your system up and running quickly and reliably while taking precautions and measures to ensure your data is safe.

If you don’t have the time or money needed to hire and retain a full time technical employee, hire EmmaTech to support your employees and systems. Our experts have decades of experience and can tailor a support contract to meet your needs.

Protect your investment and information with reliable security. We install Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Security Systems, WatchGuard and Checkpoint firewalls, VPN solutions, Microsoft Proxy Server, SecureID RAS and PPTP tunneling for remote access, and enterprise-wide anti-virus software with automatic updates.

EmmaTech provides technology consulting you can trust. We will work with you to balance between your budgetary and organizational requirements.

We have extensive experience deploying Microsoft workstations and servers on a large scale. We utilize disk imaging technology to provide customized workstations to your employees. Whether you want us to manage the process using your employees or want us to manage the entire project, we can speed up your deployment operations.

EmmaTech can also automate the software deployment process. We use Wise Installation System to write installation scripts that can be started in logon scripts, independent of the network operating system used in your enterprise.

Need to automate a manual process? EmmaTech can build web-based applications and program software for your needs. Start your web project today.

Our in-depth technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills ensure that your projects are done right the first time.

Vincent Ezeokoli started EmmaTech Systems in Hillside, New Jersey to better serve an already established customer base.

Since 1998, EmmaTech has been providing quality consulting services and delivering innovative products so you and your company can be more productive.

We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of a variety of electronic surveillance and security systems and provide these systems in residential, commercial and industrial facilities as well as houses of worship, daycare centers, and institutional facilities. By focusing on our client's current and possible future needs, we continue to establish many long-term clientele benefiting from our services with evolving technologies.

Upgrade, maintain or enhance your computer's memory (RAM), hard-drive, media player, printer, wireless setup, external backup, and more without breaking the bank with our full range of parts, peripherals, and accessories.

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